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Welcome to our Coton Crazy Life!!

  Thank you for visiting Catwba Cotons. As you can see we are glad you stopped by. Catawba Cotons specializes in breeding pet and show quality Coton Du Tulears.

 Also known as ‘The Royal Dog of Madacascar’, the Coton De Tulear is a rare breed. here in America, and their hypoallergenic and biddable breed. They are always ready to accompany their person on any adventure out there. Here at Catawba Cotons our goal is to create heathy, happy, furry family members for our clients. We maintain high standards for our Coton puppies, and always try to ensure that they are homed with people who are as enamored with them as we are.


  Since Cotons are hypoallergenic, playful, and devoted to their humans once a match is made most people never go back to another breed. We like to say ‘they have the heart of a big dog in a little dogs body’. Please read through our website to find out more about this lovable breed. If you have questions about our puppies or the breed, please contact us.

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